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Dubuque Golf and Country Club
1800 Randall Place
Dubuque, IA
United States of America

Many of us remember Arthur Murray's Ballroom Dance in 5 Easy Lessons.  Boy have things changed.  There is a whole new world of dance out there and the very outgoing and fantastic Adam Kieffer with Adam's Dance Connection will dance his way through a great presentation  about his new location and all of the great programs and health benefits of Dance.  Heck look at Mary Ann Gassman if you want to see the benefits of dance!

Bring a friend and they eat lunch for free.   Dubuque's best soup and salad sandwich bar, still $11.00 with drink and can't go wrong.

Meeting Only is $3.00 and includes coffee or iced tea.

(Please register by Monday at 4:00 PM.  Thank  you!)