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Dubuque, IA
United States of America

How many times have you committed to a gala or charity event and think to yourself "I wish I could just send in a check and stay home tonight".  Well here is your chance!

The April Fool's Day Anti-Gala is a fun and unique “NON-EVENT” that the Rotary Club of Dubuque is hosting to raise funds for local non-profit projects through the Rotary Humanitarian grant program. 100% of the funds raised will go back to non-profit projects and organizations in the Tri-State Region that better our community! Best part is, you do not have to go!  We don't want you to go....there is nowhere to go to!

How can I participate in the inaugural April Fool's Day Anti-Gala, you ask? Please purchase VIP  tickets to the Anti-Gala “event” that we are not actually holding. Instead for your ticket purchase of  $100 we will send you a random ticket to other surprise shows, events, activities, and venues!  You will be contacted after April 1 if you have won your silent auction that you did not participate in but we entered you anyway! (That is where the shows, trips and experieinces listed above comes in, it is included in the price)

  You will be notified if you win great prizes after April 1.   

Thank you for participating and supporting the Rotary Club of Dubuque now sit back and relax in your PJ's and a glass of your favorite beverage knowing this is the easiest way to support an organization that does so much in Dubuque and around the world..