Service Projects

Current Rotary Club of Dubuque Service Projects 

District Grant Projects

ARK Advocates

The Rotary Club of Dubuque will be partnering with ARK Advocates to build a shed to house ARK Advocate's adaptable sports equipment. ARK Advocates is a not-for-profit organization that creates greater awareness in the Dubuque area for the types of services that ARK can provide for persons with disabilities. ARK Advocates is a group of concerned adults and parents advocating with and for the needs of persons with disabilities. 

Having handicapped accessible equipment available to persons with disabilities in our community in a place that is convenient to the users will open up opportunities for families as a whole to recreate, find respite and enjoy life to the fullest. An attractive, barn-like shed with signage about using the equipment near a bike trail would spread the word about the equipment's availability. The Rotary Club intends to build the structure with other ARK Advocate volunteers so this equipment is readily available and reaches the intended recipients. 


Fountain of Youth

The Rotary Club of Dubuque will remodel the children's room located at The Fountain of Youth organization in the heart of the downtown Dubuque area. Participants in the program at The Fountain of Youth either are incarcerated or were recently incarcerated adults who need intense mentoring, financial literacy, assistance with employment and development in the areas of interpersonal and collaboration skills. Many of the participants have children and bring them while enrolled in a program. The children's room is very rough and unwelcoming. Some walls are not finished and it has old metal office furniture and used furniture. Our club will make this a place where children look forward to going and is an inviting and safe environment. 

Food for the Soul 

One Saturday each month, Rotary team members develop a menu, purchase the food at St. Stephen’s Food Pantry, then prepare and serve as many as 125 persons in need at the St. Luke’s United Methodist at 12th & Main in downtown Dubuque. To some, it’s the only complete meal they will enjoy that week.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Rotary Club of Dubuque has partnered with the Salvation Army for years to ring the bell at several locations across Dubuque. On a designated day in December, you will find at least two Rotarians collecting coins and ringing bells at a busy location.

Fall Highway Cleanup

Each Spring and Fall, a dedicated group of Rotarians gather on a Saturday morning to clean up a section of Highway 52 South of Dubuque. Family members and Rotary Interact students from participating high schools join in this project. The morning culminates with a gathering of fellowship for coffee and donuts. 

ARC Corporate/Community Games

Each year Rotary Club o Dubuque volunteers sell soft drinks and beer at this fun-filled event to raise money for Area Residential Care to support their mission of empowering people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their highest quality of life. Teams of 8-10 players from businesses around the tri-state area come together to compete by playing several team-building, brain-teasing, and physical games. Our team, The Rotary Rascals, also participates to assist in the fund-raising.